The mission

It is my passion to continue blending the research and technical side of A.I with the creative arts in order to produce high quality visualizations of deep learning optimization processes that can both inspire and help trigger new insights. Studying the morphology and dynamics of the loss landscape is very expensive in different ways. It is a process that requires enormous amounts of computing power as well as time. At the moment, this is a part time project that makes use of the resources available at platforms such as Google Cloud in between others.

You can only go so far without the process becoming too expensive. In order to scale and take this project even further, I will need way more computing power and way more time. That’s why I welcome all suggestions and ideas regarding possibilities that may eventually allow me to dedicate more time and resources in order to take the loss landscape project way further as well as to share in parallel visualizations and related research with the community.  

The second phase of the Loss Landscape project is currently in the initial stages. The sky is the limit! Thank you for any suggestions. You can contact me at ideami@ideami.com. My central website is at ideami.com and ideami.com/ideami

Javier Ideami



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This project exists because I was inspired by two important groups of people to which I am grateful: the phenomenal Fast.ai community, and the team formed by Hao Li, Zheng Xu, Gavin Taylor, Christoph Studer and Tom Goldstein, authors of the paper that sparked my initial interest in the world of Loss Landscapes. To you both, thank you for inspiring the deep learning community with your teachings, research, spirit and ventures.


Going deep